Expense Tracker and Planner
designed to help you save more money each month

Simple plan for more money and less worry in 3 steps:

Step 1: Track ALL your income and expenses
Recording a number is the only commitment you need to make

Changing your money habits sounds like a big task.

On the other hand, recording a number in HoneyMoney is easy.

You don't need to restrict yourself in any way.
You can buy anything you want as long as you track it.

Step 2: Notice inefficiencies in your spending
You will see where you're getting value and where you're not

A natural aversion to wastefulness emerges in your daily behaviors, with no self-scolding necessary.

In other words, the things that tempt you towards trouble become considerably less tempting, and that’s the vital point here — tracking your behavior, without striving to change it, gently reduces the amount of willpower and self-scolding required to do the right thing.

Being fully aware of your money naturally changes how you spend it.

Step 3: Optimize for maximum happiness
With the least amount of money spent
Eliminate money waste

Some expenses can be cut or just reduced without losing any happiness.

You must make those changes.

Some changes are worth it

You will find places where you have to experience some temporary difficulties adjusting to the new norm. You do those gradually, checking if they're worth it for you.

True-happiness zone

Some things just make you truly happy, where you will never cut costs.

You cherish those things, and optimize all the other places except them.

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